Thursday, February 13, 2020

Katmandu to POkhra

4 of us

KAtmandu to POkhra

The next morning we woke up and slowly strolled along the roads of Katmandu looking for breakfast joints. It was a pleasant surprise to get some nice warm aloo sabhji and Poori and we also noticed that just across from our hotel was the Enfield showroom and workshop.

This enticed us to spend a few hours in Katmandu.
It was a brilliant day, very bright and sunny, we were prepared for cold cold Nepal and were pleasantly surprised to see how very sunny it was in Katmandu

Citizens of Nepal

We took turns to get our bike serviced and sure enough my bike needed 1.5 liters of engine OIL, Raja's needed a fresh set of clutch plate, Chandan's bike needed some basic adjustments as did Sishir's.While we got our bikes fixed. It was almost 1200 hours before we left Kathmandu for our destination Pokhra, where we planned to spend 2 days. Bike serviced and working fine we stopped for gas.

Fuelled up (petrol in Nepal is approx.  Rs 87/liter (INR)) and finally we were on our way..

35 minutes into the ride, we took our first break as the scenes were extremely lovely to let it just pass by. Even though it was the middle of the day and sun was quite harsh, we enjoyed the sun on our body through multiple layers of clothes.


It was indeed exemplary how even against the steep face of the mountain, toilets exists.  Another two hours passed by and at 1435 we stopped for lunch. It was mostly good roads we were riding on and smooth black top road helped us make good speed. A well situated hotel by the way side which was very clean was an ideal stop for lunch and while we waited for lunch to be served we did fill our self with coffee.

YES our food combination does get very very weird sometimes,

Yes, there was a bus load of tourists who were very taken in with the bikes and were eager to photograph the bikes. Yes, we enjoyed the attention and it was soon time to roll on again.

I had been looking forward to reach while it was still daytime, but it was not to be and was almost 1930 hours before we reached Pokhra. Once there, we realized the temperature was dipping quite fast and we went in search of mats to put below our sleeping bags. The search took 30 more minutes and we bumped into riders of BRS who were also headed to the venue.

Finally we are at Pokhra campsite and it was a blessing that the campsite was well lit. In fact they had so much light, that we were easily able to set up our tents. Soon we were all settled and off to meet our friends from other parts of India and Nepal

Zahir and Hafiz from RKMC joined us at Pokhra and here we are with riders from Silchar thumpers

It was 2355 hours in no time and we all just jumped into bed and passed out. The next day we woke up to a cold day, but that’s story for another day.

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