Monday, February 17, 2020

Pokhra we are there

Phewa lake at POkhra

25th morning as usual I was up at 0530 hours and indeed it was cold!
It was approximately 1 degrees outside and would go on to be 9 degrees centigrade as the day rolled on...
PICT of thermo

Camp site at POkhra , Venue for RM 2020 on 25th morning

The nearby mountains were all shrouded in fog and it was cold enough to make one not want to touch water. But then brave bikers that we are, of course we did freeze our backside as we went about our morning rituals.

Red is My tent

The plastic that I had used on my summer tent had worked its wonder too, and had kept the cold out very effectively, thus keeping me quite warm. Though I must confess, at 0400 hours I had woken up and pulled another sleeping bag (yes I did carry a blanket and a sleeping bag) over me. If I was any colder, I would probably require to wear my leather jacket too in bed, but thankfully I was doing okay.

Pls don't ask what I am wearing 

There were some riders who had opted for dormitory accommodation that organizers of Riders Mania. The organizers had provided these riders with blankets and Swiss tents. They sure looked nice from outside. These tents couldaccommodate 4- 6 people at one time and I noticed quite a few were empty but then I chose to be in my own tent.

 KOGO is an app that let's riders tell their stories about their rides. The app is supposed to be very intuitive and user friendly but time alone will tell how very good it is. Until then it was the KOGO app hoarding that greeted us as we wandered at the venue  where we were headed for breakfast.

We also came across a totem that looked interesting and had a bunch of distances, to different places that I have ridden over the last couple of years.

Over breakfast I met up with Apu Kuttan, a Thumper from Mumbai that I had ridden with in Arunachal and parts of Assam with in 2018. Riders mania brings together friends from different parts of the country and we cherish and relive those wonderful moments spend together.

Where there are so many athletic guys there’s bound to be sports, and so we had 'Tyre throw' where we got to test our self and how far we can toss a tyre, or be high up in the sky, testing our flying skills... the adventure and thrills never stop for us.

Did I mention at the event we get to meet up with brothers that we don’t meet as often as we would like to. But on these 3 days of the event, it is great to catch up and create memories once more, till we meet on the road or at the next event again.
The Sanpada boys, Mumbai, RKMC Jamshedpur, Inddie Thumpers all seen together squeezing into a frame here, sans Motorbikes.

Few more of us, Shyamal - another wonderful Thumper who Introduced me to the addiction of North East Riders Mania, a very popular biker and Rahul Vidwan a fellow Inddie Thumper who is to be found more often on the hills than in the planes on his bikes and wonderful energy around him always, and My new friend from Bhutan.

The 2020 BOBMY event was held at the grounds just adjacent to the lake PHEWA

 Phewa is a freshwater lake situated inside and almost right in the middle of the city of Pokhra. It is an attraction not only to Pokhra but a major crowd puller to Nepal. Nature has been generous and the views around the lake are just heavenly.

Yes some times it is hard to know which is the lake and which is the reflection of the lake. The roads around the lake are not the best but good enough to let traffic flow.

The Machette

The lakeside does have a few places that offer a great view. One could indeed enjoy a drink and some good food while we sit around the lake and ponder about life, while stuffing our self with beer and chicken.

Though for the angler the lake holds the charm of going into the lake and spending quiet time by oneself.

The evening saw us at the campsite, having many an event, be it beer chugging, tug of war, and finally a rock show to end the night

It was a great evening of 25th January, that we spent together.
Before we retired, for the night, next day we disbanded and head back to where we came from or to explore other roads and parts of Nepal.

Sunrise next day and more to follow

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  1. Nice Rajat
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  2. Wow great experiences. A good bikers life. Keep at it.

    1. Thanks bro, u should come along on one of these :)