Saturday, February 8, 2020

Reaching katmandu, Nepal

Birds nest on tree

The next day (morning) we were planning to reach pokhra or Katmandu, depending on when we woke up and how we felt, all were keen to reach Nepal, the foreign soil and ride on foreign soil.  
We were up at 0700 hours but the weather was still dark and foggy and cold.
Stepping out, we saw a lovely visual of Bulbul bird nests on trees all around us.
We were up but too cold to head out yet, so another 2 hours passed before we were ready to leave the warmth of our beds and saddle up.
Riders getting ready

(We were all sleeping with 2 blankets each, finally up and washed up, too cold to take a bath to start the day. We had breakfast and ready to leave by 1000 hours

 We lounged around for some time for the fog to disappear and our bikes to warm up. We said our good byes to Sishirs sister and family.

School hall we stayed at

  We reached the border to do the needful paper work to be crossing over with our bikes to another country, Thanks to our local contacts we got it all done. cost us RS 120 / day per bike 
paper work for Nepal

Exchanged some money to local Nepali currency and finally by 1200 hours we were riding into Nepal. 
Entering Another Nation

Off roading as we enter Nepal

The first couple of miles were terrible roads and visibility even at that hour was quite bad. As we rode on, the GPS stopped working and we had no Nepali Phone connection, so now it was back to asking for directions as we rode. A good 120 km at a stretch, the roads had become better, forests on both side as we rode through the wonderful scenes.

Happy riders 

All four of us

riding through the forests

It was cool, traffic was less even though it was afternoon and finally at 1400 hours when we took a break for MOMOS and wa-wa (a packed noodles that one can have dry) interesting concoction indeed.

 As we rode it was little smiling faces all around that greeted us and cheered us on. The little kids were a pleasure to interact with as we rode on and then we came to a milestone at 1545 hrs.

Kids along the way

 That saw us decide we would be riding all the way to Katmandu on this day. Yes it would probably be another 3- 4 hours before we reached Katmandu and the roads were mostly good & we sped on!

We came to Narayani river and took a break to make some images and relax and photograph our self with our bikes and the we were speeding on following traffic rules to the T, hill riding is always critical and last thing we needed is a mishap in a foreign country without insurance.

River Narayani

Our path today

River Naryani Again

Bike Photo session 

Along the way, the company we had was mostly Trucks and we loved riding fast.

30 km before Katmandu though we got stuck in a traffic jam and it took us another 2 hours to clear 20 km as we crawled, the roads are so narrow and no shoulder on the road so we too had to tow the line and stay behind trucks and cars for extended periods of time, One of the bieks developed clutch trouble and we crossed our fingers that we did not get stuck on the way as we crawled along .

We reached Katmandu by 2200 hours but we still needed to find a hotel to stay... but right now food was of prime importance and street food of Katmandu was very appealing!!

Street food

Sausage and fish

The odometer read 19693 we had ridden: 1043 km from Jamshedpur to reach Katmandu.
At Katmandu

We finally stayed at Hotel River International, it had a compound wall around the hotel and we decided to leave the luggage on the bike for the night. We were so tired and happy to have a secure hotel, and was just craving a bed at this hour.. 

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