Saturday, February 1, 2020

Bihar & UP two states with distinct flavour

Rajat Ghosh,  Sishir John & Sukhbir Singh

The next day 22nd Jan saw us hit the road a little late, initially we had planned for a 0700 hours departure but lounged around for breakfast soon it was 0900 hours and we had wasted a good 2 hours that we should have spend on the road and not wait at Hotel Gargi for breakfast, today we ride to Sonouli, Nepal Border where we would be staying with Sishir’s Sisters family, Sishir is one of the riders on this trip and his sister and inlays had offered to host us.  as we progressed with the trip we took a break at Jawahar setu.

a bridge that  is situated on River SON, where the famous Son Mela happens,  traffic was thin enough that we could stop on the bridge and make a few images of our self, we are at Dehri , SON in Bihar, we were on the second state that we were traversing on this trip,

the 4th rider is Chandan

As we continued riding another hours or so, we came across a jam on the road that extended for almost 42 km and counting,  being on bike we were coasting at 20km, wonder how many hours or was it days that will be needed for the traffic to be cleared?

Traffic rules exclusive to bihar

Incidentally Bihar is a state where a SIX lane road will have traffic moving in both direction without any fixed pattern, so one side of the highway could well have traffic in both direction alternatingly with there own logic of how to travel, one needs to be ultra careful to survive on these roads and stay safe.

Another hour of riding & we were on a turnoff towards MAU. there's a shortcut and soon bad roads would be on us, as we started off on village roads and shortcuts with mustard fields on both sides of the road, making for a picturesque ride.

As we entered Mau around 1435 hours we came across the Royal Enfield showroom, and one of the bike needed some attention it had a problem with one its shocker that had faced a impact as we rode along the country road, we managed to get it sorted were treated to a cup of coffee compliments of Royal Enfiled, and we were on our way by 1600 hours next stop, a Dhaba nearby Jheel Mahal, aptly named and wonderful food it served, where once again we had lunch of Dal Tadka, Mixed veggies and Roti, once more we had only 1/3rd of what we would normally have consumed we were too famished to make images of the food and all that we have to show are well cleaned up plates. 

They say good food has a sprinkling of rich Masala, and I did need a tablet to help with digestion and gas a couple of hours later after consuming this food,  Next stop (major town) would be  Gorakhpur,  it took us almost well past  2000 hours before we hit Gorakhpur, the worst 120 km we rode, mostly no roads, it was a disastrous road from Mau to Gorakhpur, mostly off-road drive even North East India which is supposed to have the worst roads of India are better off, we were in Uttar Pradesh, the third state on this trip we were crossing , felt sad for the people of UP who have to face these hardship everyday, how sad to live in such pitiable condition inspire of paying taxes and contributing maximum number of IAS officers to the nation

at gas station with onlookers 

We stopped at a gas station and picked up some supplies before we started for final leg of our trip, what a amazing ride the next three hours would be, visibility 2 feet only thanks to fog and we were cold as hell as we continued into the night, the only stop a coffee break along the way.

 Heavy fog Alert

we had to reach Sonauli as there was no place to stop, and was 2315 hours before we reached the Nepal Border.

Indo - Nepal Border, which we shall cross on 23rd January .

we were at the Nepal border, we had ridden 670 km to get there  and had many a mile to go, we are also wondering if we should go to Katmandu too, 

Finally  time to hit the bed by 2345 hours.  

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