Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Setting up a bathroom in a field and more

Moment to ponder

Shower stalls with warm water

Labyrinthh of pipes to stalls

I am always awed by the major work that goes on with setting up a place and making it comfortable and I think having running water (sometimes hot) in cold places are just a blessing, and to be able to figure it out and make it work is just amazing. Hats off to the FORE guys at Nepal... to work out the bathroom and running water scenario and keep it working all the way... right up to when the event got over,
is a major achievement in my books!!

We all remember Nagpur and get visions (called nightmares) of how not to run a event, and Nepal was just amazing in their water management. 

Breaking the fast

Blessed are these kids whose parents get them to these...what a great learning experience it must be for them..on how the world is, and what a great place the mountains are!
Rains predicted today 26th Jan

We spent the next two days in Pokhra and the weather Gods were with us. On 26ththere was prediction of rain and we were eager to put a few miles between us and the rains, so we were up early and saddled up. Breakfast done,  we were on our way back to Sonauli border, where we were to meet two more riders who had failed to make it to the event, but would join us on the way back to Jamshedpur.

Thank you FORE for the wonderful food and memories

Okay... before I get too sentimental and start crying, I started my journey back to India, to leave my friends behind but not before a wonderful breakfast.

1000 miles a 1000 miles to go
Yes I am still a 1000 miles away from home, according to GPS, and maybe some more adventure along the way will take us around some more. We are looking at 2 – 3 days more to reach home. We need to make it back within 3 days since a friends wedding is on the horizon, and 29th January we had vowed to be at the venue to help in the wedding.

All said and done we started out by 1030 hours and a couple of hours of steady riding with just one break saw us at Mugling by 1445 hours. The roads were wonderful and we could make good speed. Thank you Nepal for being nice to us.

Along the way
We were at Dumkholi, the same dhaba where we had momo of Nepal while on our way into Katmandu; we once again stuffed our self with momos and bought some knick-knack for friends and family back home.
Bulls at the Temporary Pen

Interacting with locals 

A lovely Temple

Evening saw us encounter fog once more but we kept going and by 1930 hours we were once more at Somali, we would once again enjoy the wonderful hosting by Stuti's family, this time it was eve more enjoyable.
Riders at Sonauli exploring

We stepped out to try and explore the little outpost of Sonauli but fog and 26th January being a holiday saw us return home after a quick meal of biryani by the roadside. We spend a wonderful evening with our gracious hostess and her family.

There was delicious food, warm fire, and a guitar with a few who could sing really well. 
A wonderful evening which went on to 2300 hours before we trooped off to find a bed.

our ride indeed coming to an end, as we entered night in INDIA

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